Keep Food Simple- Part 2

Last week I hit you with “Keep Foods Simple- Part 1.” As promised here is Part 2..

A few more pro trips from yours truly:

  1. You can buy pretty much every vegetable pre-cut or even frozen and it makes it super easy to drizzle a bit of olive or avocado oil, throw on some seasoning, and toss in the air fryer. Super easy and makes them much more enjoyable to eat.2. Ground meat is very simple to cook up and tasty to add in with anything. Plus! You can cook it in bulk and easily adjust your portions based on what your goal calls for. Same thing with rice. This is an easy staple that you can make in bulk and have ready for the week.

    3. Remember, variety is the spice of life! Don’t stick to only chicken and broccoli. Your body needs all the nutrients different foods have to offer. Eat different meats (yes even red meat, even fattier meat), change up your veggies and fruit choices, and mix in some different kinds of grains and starches. (Rice, oats, quinoa, potatoes, oats etc..) Add in some new fats like ghee, or nut butter and avocados.

    4. When in doubt, eat veggies. Eat the veggies! Even when I’m macro counting, I do not count my vegetables. They are free! The nutrients you gain from them trump any minuscule amount of calories they contain. Eat them, enjoy them, and learn to use them as a tool to distract from that entire box of Girl Scout cookies. (Here is a good 80/20 split. Bulk up with those carrots and leave some room for one of those cookies)

    1. Carbs are not the enemy! You need them, they need you. We can stop forcing ourselves to live without each other.  Keep them mostly clean whole sources, less processed more real, and enjoy your life again.

Follow this Link for a list of whole foods sources you can shop for on you next grocery haul

Happy Eating!


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